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Me Before20141231_131136When did I  become a health nut: 

Hi My name is Tom Hordin, I live in upstate New York with my lovely wife Jill , my son Nick and our dog and cat. I love to stay fit and helping others get fit as well. After I started seeing results with Beachbody I decided to be a coach to share my experience and do my part to make this country a more healthy nation.

I was never always the guy on the right, as you can see, I was the guy on the left for most of my life. Bouncing in and out of jean sizes I was never really comfortable with my appearance.  I was a nut, but not a healthy one.

So what was it that changed my mind?

My Family of course. One thing about having children, and parents you know, it starts messing with your head right out the gate, “Is this how I’m going to live and feel like the rest of my life?” and “Am I going to be around for him?”

Long story short , I tried everything to get my butt in shape, Running, Martial Arts, and of course starving myself. The other factor was my asthma, I had it my whole life, and every time I tried to exercise I would end up hitting the puffer WAYYYY too much. My Doctor was starting to recommend blood pressure and Cholesterol drugs to me, and I was feeling hopeless. I was scared , I didn’t want to be on any of those things , but heck I was 41 years old,  over 240 lbs, and EVERYONE IS DOING IT. All of my high school friends were on this stuff or that stuff. WHAT !!??!NO WAY I have to do something different.

So what could I do? I went Insane! 

Yep, I turned to Insanity ,with Shakeology, and Shaun T changed me. He pushed me like I have never been pushed. I dug deep , I sweat , I had massive calf pain. But I didn’t give up. If those young good-looking people in the video can do thisMe and Shaun T 2014 then dam it so can I . The Chocolate shakeology with almond butter is da-bomb!

And I did, over the next 2 years I lost 25 lbs, now you might be thinking: “Well that’s no such a great feat, anyone can lose 25 lbs over 2 years. ”  OK, you may be right, but I kept it off, and I still work out and still press play 6 days a week. I have kept my weight below 220 for over 3 years. My blood pressure and my cholesterol have been well within acceptable level and I plan to keep it there. BTW I’m 6 foot 1, not 4 foot 11.

Between the Shakeology and the workouts I have needed my inhaler so much less than I used to that my prescription expires before I need to refill it. My Doctor is a fan of it as well and has told me to just keep doing what i’m doing , so … OK Doc, whatever you say. So now I’m a health and fitness nut for life and if I have anything to say about it it will be filled with family and friends for a long long time.


Tom in his uniform

I still practice and now teach martial arts 3 days a week as well as hit my workouts. I feel that even though practicing martial arts is an anaerobic workout the importance of a well balanced fitness routine is key to my development. Workouts such as P90X and Insanity help my endurance and keep my kicks flying high. Yes I do incorporate some of the stuff into my warm-ups for the students , they love that….. Yeh.

I still run in corporate events but not so much for fitness, I get board running. So I do everything else I can. Life is meant to be lived and by gosh lets BRING IT!

You can only go as far as your imagination and just wonder what it would be like if you were unstoppable. Well I think we all have a purpose and mine is to help others.

Why do I like to help?

When I was young I would collect stray animals, birds who fell out of the nest or had a hurt wing, snakes , frogs or anything that looked like it needed some attention. My mom said I was a handful. That , and I was allergic to everything.

So Fast forward to now, and I still have that compassion toward everyone I meet, I see their potential even if they don’t. I know I can help them get to where ever they want to go in life , if they just accept me as a guide. To be all Zen-like, I can show you the path but you will need to walk it. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone get results. If you ever speak to me in person you will realize this. I always like to here from the people I am helping or motivating.

That’s why being a coach is so cool.

You are the only you that will ever be, so lets make this the best life we can, after all without your health , you have nothing.  So the contrary must be true that if you have your health, you can have EVERYTHING!

So there are other things you may not know about me,

I wrote music Check out some of my stuff!

I do woodworking

I love Sci-fi stuff







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