Ok so your thinking of joining the Challenge group, GREAT!!!

What is it ? What do you do? Why go with Fun Guy Fitness?

All great questions , and I have the answers here, so before you click JOIN then read this!!!

What Is it?

The groupis a 1, 2, or 3 month program depending on the invite I set up. Cize is only one month long and is a great program to learn dancing as well as get a sweat going. P90X is 3 months and will get you ripped.


What Do you do?

You work out daily or whatever the program schedule is, and you eat right and drink your Shakeology.  You are expected to log your workouts in daily as well as post accountability. Its easy I will guide you.

Why go with Fun Guy Fitness?

Not only have I been helping folks for over 6 years get in shape, I make it fun by running contests and group challenges to keep you motivated and engaged to succeed.

As your coach my goal is to see you get the most out of the program, and I guarantee you will, if you follow the plan.

Ok How much will it cost?

Great question, it depends on the program and the package. Usually the Challenge packs start at $140 and go up from there. I can help a bit but truly I don’t set the price. Beachbody does all that. Don’t ever be afraid to ask me how much before you jump in.

Can’t I just buy it from an infomercial?

Don’t do that if you know a coach. We can save you a minimum of $10 from the infomercial price and we have free stuff when you buy from a coach.


If you have any other question before you join a challenge group than ask them , there is no such thing a stupid question.

Tom Hordin



Click here to go to the boot camp entry form. 


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