New Year, New Challenges

When I started this whole coaching thing I thought it would be easy to stay in business for ever…… HA , yet I see new people sign up every day with hopes and dreams of becoming great coaches and making huge money.

You can , but not by quitting.

I have seen so many lose to their fears and give up for reasons that range from , ” I just don’t have the time” to ” my wife thinks this is a scam”

Why are they so eager to sign up and then become doubtful in a short time frame?

Well from my perspective its simple, when they sign up as a coach they are signing up to a challenge of making someone’s life better, it could be their own or a friend , or even a stranger. But the initial reason they sign up is there is a hope inside them that needs to come out and show that they can do something for themselves.

The reason we quit anything is our ego. We have grown up with perception as reality. What others see us as hurts the ego when we are doing “out of the norm” actions. People that let others control them are truly not free. To be free, you must not let others drive your aspirations. YOU are the driver in your life, and you choose the road to travel. Take responsibility for your life and take it where you want to go.  Don’t say “But…..” Its your first line of defense for your ego. Step outside of yourself and look in, are you being controlled?

And being a Beachbody coach is not for every one , even though anyone can be a coach. You have to find what it is about you that will make you happy and what will drive you to your success.

So this is a new year, a new time in history for you to make of it what you will, and don’t let others tell you what that is, for the ones who say “don’t do that” may not have your best interest at heart, but its THIER fear that is holding you back.

I am a great Beachbody coach, how do I know? I have great success with those who join my team and those who join my challenge group. It may not be 100s of people it may just be 5-6 , but really the most important things in life are friendship and support. That’s what I bank on.

Have an awesome new year.


Thanksgiving day strategy.

Thanksgiving day strategy.

10615543_10203961982442755_4551343145716707051_nI just had to re-post this from one of my fitness friends.

Written by Jessica C.


Stuff I was thinking during my workout this morning!

Strategies to Survive Thanksgiving

Have you worked hard to achieve success in your weight loss journey, but fear the temptation of Thanksgiving day? Here are some tips on how to survive!
1. Decide early on that you will do your best to make good choices throughout the day.
2. Start your day with a solid workout. I’ll bet you won’t feel like doing it after dinner!
3. Take pride in your appearance and feel good about your success! Dress up, wear makeup, whatever! When people compliment you on how great you look, let that feed your desire to succeed.
4. If you’re making food to bring, do your best to make healthy ingredient swaps. Healthy food can still be super tasty!
5. Don’t sit near the appetizers.
6. Go easy on the alcohol, or abstain all together. Alcohol is high in calories, and if you have enough, can lead to poorer choices throughout the rest of the day. If you must have that glass of wine, consider cutting it with diet soda or another mixer to ease off on the calories and alcohol.
7. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Have a big glass right before dinner to fill you up a bit.
8. When choosing food to put on your plate, be mindful of choices that are heavy in fat or sugar or empty carbs. Eat these sparingly. Remember, the first few bites of your favorite foods taste the best, and your satisfaction drops off from there, so take a small portion.
9. Turkey, the star of the show: Your best bet is the breast meat, followed by drumsticks, then thighs and wings. And, do you really need to eat the skin? Skip it for best results.
10. Use gravy sparingly.
11. Put your fork down between bites. Eat slowly.
12. Enjoy the company and the conversation around you.
13. It takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize that you’re full, so be aware of this, and stop eating and give your mind a chance to catch up.
14. After eating, help clear the table. If you’re not hanging out at the table you won’t have as much temptation to go for second or third helpings. Plus, moving burns calories, and you’ll also win the favor of the host!
15. Dessert: pumpkin pie will have the least calories and fat, followed by apple pie, then pecan pie. If you must have them, use portion control and go easy on whipped cream or ice cream topping.
16. Take a walk after dinner. This will help digestion, burn some calories, and get you away from more food!
Enjoy the day. Be thankful for your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!!



Thank you Jessica for this awesome post!!

When your done going nowhere……

When your done going nowhere……

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get ahead in life? No matter how much effort you put in you just find yourself back where you where yesterday. Yep I go there sometimes.

What can you do about it?

Change your direction. Stop going in circles and move forward instead of making left turns all the time.

“Tom , what the hell are you talking about?”

I’m talking about the rut your in. The daily grind and the redundancy of getting up and going to work every morning to a job you have to do , instead of a job you love to do. Or how about getting in shape and not seeing any results? Yep been there too.

Who do you blame for this situation?  Yourself.

You can change your direction and get yourself out this rut, but implementing action takes effort. Effort few of us want to do.

Well I want to write here that you don’t have to stay in the rut, you can change your direction you can be as awesome as you want and its not too late to be that.

Start by thinking positive, do it now, not tomorrow. Think about where you want to be , and go there.

It can be done, and only you can do it.


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