Hammer and Chisel , day 1

Hammer and Chisel , day 1

Hammer and ChiselThe program is called Chisel Balance

Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

Equipment needed:

  • Bench
  • Weights 5-20lbs
  • Mat or soft surface
  • Towel and water

Time: 40 min

Difficulty : 6 out of 10 (10 being the hardest)

So this one was not what I expected. I was thinking a yoga style workout , with a name like balance you think this would be the case. Well , not so. The toughest move for me was the Bulgarian jump squats. They were brutal.

The rest of the workout worked your quads and butt to the point of failure. To finish off the whole set we did bent over rows on one leg and moved into pistol squats. OUCH!

Great workout and really learned some new combo moves.

Have fun!

Check out the program!


Body Beast round 1 done!

Body Beast round 1 done!

12208326_10206904082753613_380905018204687223_nIs it cruel of me to play Christmas music on November 14th?

Well I am just trying to annoy my family this morning but it is having the opposite effect..

Annnnnny way . I just finished my first 3 month stint of Body Beast, and it was great!!

What did I like about it?

First of all the routine is easy to follow and Sagi explains things so even I could understand them.

Second I gained huge mass, for me that’s always been trouble. Because of my Endomorph body I gain fat by looking at food. If you have this body type then don’t worry you will like these results.


P90X3 week 2 done!!!

1dcbe78cc2330f54d76af398475d1025Yay, I got through another week of P90X3 and have no problems. I was able to add some pushups and pulps to my challenge workout. A bit sore but none the less better and stronger. P90X3 is a challenge every day , except today (Rest day). The workouts are sometimes less intense than the Max3o workouts but they can be harder moves. The palates workout will have your abs screaming and I cannot tell you how I get through it but I do.

So what to expect for the next week?


I plan to push harder and add 4-5 lbs to all my weighted moves and push the max limits of my abilities. If I think that I’m just going to skate through this workout well its just not so. My Direction is clear and my drive for success is firm.

Diet and exercise delivers results.


Mancakes for dinner?

Mancakes for dinner?

Facebook-20150520-090650So I ordered these Mancakes I have been hearing about, and I have to admit I was skeptical about how they would taste or if the texture was all rubbery.

So after checking out the reviews I amazon I pulled the trigger and got some. The package arrived today and my son and I were very curious so what did we do? we had some of course. I mixed up a double batch of Mancake for us to try for dinner.

The mix is simple 1:1 water, milk, coffee, whatever you want. Simple! So we used milk, and placed it in the mixer and ran the beaters for 2 min for a good mix. I used coconut oil in a heated non-stick frying pan and they cooked up just like bisquick. The taste was not what we expected, it was good! Nick ate most of it before I even had time to finish half of mine. With 21 grams of protein , 10 grams of fiber , these Mancakes pack a ton of punch.

Do I recommend trying them? YES.

Let me know what you think about this product. I would love to hear your opinion.



P90X3 week one

P90X3-LogoSo this week I started my journey down the P90X3 trail. This first week I did take it easy a bit. I know that working hard on the first week of anything can be too much for me. But it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

I guess I play things up in my head too much but using R&R my muscles were not nearly as sore as they could have been.

This time through I selected the Mass program. I want to get my definition in my arms and chest My diet is still hitting 50% Protein and 20 fat , 30 carbohydrates.

I gained about 2 pounds this week though and although I think its just water I fear my hunger will outwit my mind and tell me to eat more than I should be. Knowing this I think I can keep my control.

What is so different from P90X to P90X3?

The big difference is time, P90X can take as long as 50min to get through a workout. P90X3 is 30 Min! The workout is done quick, but don’t think it won’t deliver. P90X3 uses multiple muscle groups at the same time and combines yoga with weight training.

So far so good and I believe this next 3 months will show some great results.


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