Hammer and ChiselDay 6 was Chisel Endurance.

Trainer: Autumn

  • Equipment:
  • Chin-up bar
  • Weights
  • Mat
  • Bench or ball

Time: 35 min

Toughest move: I would have to say its a tie between the step-ups and the step downs

Level of Difficulty: 7 (1-10)

This program moves you through slow twitch muscle training. You need to use your Energize for the one. Autumn is a great motivator and makes you feel like she is right there guiding you through all the moves and its like she knows when I am falling behind.

BE prepared to step a lot. My legs were on fire after this workout. My butt was in pain too. But if you stick with it and go for the gusto and finish strong you wont be disappointed. autom 1All in all I liked this workout and so far it was one of the tougher ones in this series.




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