What a Blast!

This is me and one of my team after a Cize workout with the one and only Shaun T!

1000 folks doing Cize!

This group of fitness minded folks filled the room ready to hit the moves and get our grove on.

Shaun T is D- Bomb!

This guy made me dance better than I thought I could.

What if you could get in shape and learn some killer dance moves?
Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!
Well I challenge you to start Cize with me.

We are leading a group of 10-15 FUN Individuals who really want to sweat off some jiggle and work on the wiggle.
Ask me how to get your grove on with us today!!
Prizes awarded monthly and we will have a blast.
Challenge group starts on Monday September 6th.

If you are serious and ready to do this fill out the Boot camp Entry form today!


Even if you have never danced before, you can learn. Heck I was dancing in 5 min and sweat was pouring off me. This program is so fun you wont even know your burning calories. This program will keep your heart rate in a fat burning target zone, that 100-130 range, and you will smile the whole time.

I want to deliver the best possible service to you so please use the Boot Camp Entry form to get in touch with me.


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