Hammer and ChiselThe program is called Chisel Balance

Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

Equipment needed:

  • Bench
  • Weights 5-20lbs
  • Mat or soft surface
  • Towel and water

Time: 40 min

Difficulty : 6 out of 10 (10 being the hardest)

So this one was not what I expected. I was thinking a yoga style workout , with a name like balance you think this would be the case. Well , not so. The toughest move for me was the Bulgarian jump squats. They were brutal.

The rest of the workout worked your quads and butt to the point of failure. To finish off the whole set we did bent over rows on one leg and moved into pistol squats. OUCH!

Great workout and really learned some new combo moves.

Have fun!

Check out the program!


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