At first glance the first month looks relatively harmless, however when in the trenches of the workout you realize this program is a real killer. Every program has a theme or focus, but what I have found is this program works everything almost every day.

Unlike the traditional P90X where you focus on one muscle group a day , H&C works them all. One day you could be doing as many pull-ups as you can for 60 seconds the next day your doing pull-ups slow and holding them. If your a Bulgarian , you will love this workout . The legs are focused on the most, and lunges and Bulgarian squats are in almost every workout. In my experience with this you need to be prepared to take it easy. As you may know my knees are not the greatest, so I highly recommend you have a sturdy bench and take your time with some of the leg work, especially when you first start out. I know I had to be careful with anytime I stepped up and off the bench.pistol squats

The other really cool thing about this program is they switch trainers every day. One day you get Sagi, the next day you get Autumn. This creates a great dynamic. It also gives you a bit of a mystery as to who is more intense and in my case kept me wanting to go press play.

So Below I give a brief breakdown of my experience with each workout in the program. The “Difficulty”  is a number representing the toughest program to the “Easiest” (1) . But really , Easy is not easy. It merely is easier, or less intense than the others.

Also note that this is my personal experience on the program, and if I’m not doing it its because it did not hold my interest long enough to finish. This program has held me just fine, and in fact makes me think that it will be in the regular rotation for the next year or two.

Chisel Balance:

  • Trainer: Autumn
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 12 (Most difficult)
  • Toughest move: Pistol squat row/ jumping lunges

Chisel Balance is a close tie with Chisel cardio on being the toughest workout only because of those crazy balance jumps. Autumn will guide you through some crazy moves most seem a bit easy but you need to do 15 each 2X per. So in essence you do about 60 lunges per set and about 6 sets. My legs are done when this video is finished. It hurts to walk up stairs after this one.

jumpingHammer Plyometrics:

  • Trainer: Sagi
  • Time: 30 min
  • Difficulty: 6
  • Toughest move:Plyo marry Catherines

This workout was one that I will remember for a long time; the Plyo-marry-Kathrine’s were the toughest moves for me. I have a bad knee and any time I’m hitting one legged squats or jumps I need to take care not to injure myself.

I highly recommend using the performance Energy for this work out and say hydrated. Sagi takes you through 2 sets of workouts and the time flies. You will be done before you know it.

autom 1

ISO Strength Chisel:

  • Trainer: Autumn
  • Time: 35 min
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Toughest Move: Bulgarian Squats more

The premise of this workout is to isolate and hold the muscle under tension. I found this to me tougher than I expected. You will work your glute like never before here. But you will love the results. I have to admit I did some extra stretching after this workout.

Toughest move was the Bulgarian squats, these things wreck my right knee if I try to go all out. So I had to modify where I could. Man I got a great sweat from this one, and can’t wait to see if I can up my weights for the next time around.

Have fun with it.

ISO Speed Hammer:

  • Trainer: Sagi
  • Time: 25 min
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Toughest Move: Sumo Squats

This was so far the easiest of the workouts in this series, but like I said easy dose not mean easy. This reminded me more of a Beast total body workout rather than a 21 day fix hybrid. Sagi will take you through some great moves 10 slow and then 10 fast. He will help you set the pace for the slow ones and its nice to have him count for you. Picking heavy weights and getting it right is the challenge in this workout. I recommend starting lighter than normal the first time through and tracking it with the sheets , so next time you can crank it up and go for broke. Remember to keep proper form and go as low as you can or up the weights to get more burn. Keep it fun and stay focused on the goal.

Chisel Endurance:.

  • Trainer: Autumn
  • Time: 35 min
  • Difficulty: 10
  • Toughest Move: Step up and cross backs

Autumn will make you sweat right from the start. This workout works legs back and abs in one half hour heart pumping workout. You will need weights , bands, bench or ball and a pull-up bar. The cross step backs are brutal especially the second time through.

sagi 2

Total Body Hammer:

  • Trainer: Sagi
  • Time: 45 min
  • Difficulty: 7
  • Toughest Move:

Total body Hammer is exactly what it says. Sagi, will work every part of your body and you will feel like you are ready to quit but Sagi wont let you. He will push you to go till the end and before you know it , your done.  You will need everything from the bench to the bar. Energize is also recommended.

Chisel Cardio:

  • Trainer: Autumn
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 11 ( second toughest)
  • Toughest Move: Buries for 2 min

Autumn does not let you slack on this workout. Utilizing a sturdy bench you will be stepping up and even kicking from this elevated position. Two rounds of intense stuff here. She will let you get a breath in so her pace is perfect for keeping you in the fat burning Zone.  My bench is not stable , so I have to be extra cautious when performing the step overs and the step up kicks. Hydrate your body before and after. I also would recommend extra stretch time here if you have it.

Iso strength

Max Hammer Strength:

  • Trainer: Sagi
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Toughest Move: Bulgarian squats heavy.

In Max Hammer, Sagi will take you through light and heavy reps, for example , 60 seconds of reverse lunges, followed by 8 heavy weighted reverse lunges. I had a hard time deciding if this was a 2 or a 5, but since it gave me a breather in between each set by doing light work the intensity was not a constant factor. You will get a great cardio hit from this as well when you go from 1 minute of rapid to 8 reps slow and heavy.

Chisel Agility:

  • Trainer: Autumn
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 3
  • Toughest Move: Signal jumping lunges

Chisel Agility will give you a great sweat. This program will challenge your cardio especially the diagonal lunges. Be prepared to do a lot of jumping and hopping around. Autumn will not disappoint you if your looking for a great cardio workout. This program reminded me of P90X agility and if your a P90X grad you will see what I mean.

Hammer Power:

  • Trainer: Sagi
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Toughest Move: Clean Squat, press

This is a great power workout. Working your whole body , but mainly your shoulders. Clean and press is the theme and Sagi keeps you pumped for the whole 40 min. The great part about this workout is you only need weights, but be prepared to go heavy or go away feeling unsatisfied. I failed to go heavy the first time and when I was done I was like” that’s it?” But I kept track of the first rounds and found adding 10-15 lbs made all the difference. Be safe here, proper form is key.

Sagi 1

Hammer Conditioning:

  • Trainer: Sagi
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 8
  • Toughest Move: Weighted Burpie rows

Hammer conditioning is a real good workout all around. It was well paced and moved at a good clip for a 40 min workout. Sagi is still just a guy who knows how to pick thing up and put things down. If your expecting great words of wisdom , well stop it. He is a man of few words other that have fun or go to your room. Use weights and gravity for this. The Burpie rows are fun and challenging. This workout is 12 of everything. Do 12 move on.

Total Body Chisel:

  • Trainer: Autumn
  • Time: 40 min
  • Difficulty: 9
  • Toughest Move: Step down crossovers.

In Total Body Chisel Autumn will hurt you good. Using weights , bench and bands you will work again all muscle groups. The hardest move here was the step down crossovers, with one foot on your bench the other kicks up and over behind you, oh yeah , you have to hold weights too. If you make it to the end you feel like you just crossed the finish line of a race you thought would never end. For me, any time I have to step up and over , the reps seem to take for ever. But the results are great!


Lastly the Ab workouts are both really quick, 10 minutes and your done, I found the moves easier than other ab workout routines. But if you work the programs properly you will find you are engaging your core in just about every workout mentioned above. The Ab hammer and Ab chisel are both complimentary to the program as a whole.

Meal Plan:

Ok Success does not happen without the meal plan, and Hammer and chisel  like all beachbody workouts , has it covered. Of course Shakeology is one of the key components but there is also more to it. beachbody has also incorporated the container method from the 21 day Fix program. It is this program that will give the boost you need to succeed. Easy to follow portion control will help take the guesswork out of your meal prep and how much you will be consuming. The Challenge pack will give you the portion control containers PLUS Shakeology and a month of Free beachbody On Demand! Great discount going on right now!


In my case I have to plan my week otherwise I fail miserably. SO I recommend Sunday evening you put it all together and either freeze it or put it in the fridge, Planning for your success is just as important as showing up every day. If you need help with any aspect contact me today.



Hammer and Chisel is a fantastic medium- hard difficulty workout. You may be able to start from the couch on this but you could get frustrated by the difficulty of some of the moves. Be prepared to work hard for short intervals and I highly recommend you write everything down as you progress. Unlike other programs beachbody has the repetition of each program is not logical, and follows a random pattern. Unlike P90X where you can estimate your weight usage for most of the month , H&C is changing constantly so keeping notes is a must.

Sagi as a trainer is just a huge guy who knows how to push heavy things around, his words sometimes don’t make sense, and it adds great comic relief to your tiring muscles. But don’t let his lack of linguistic skills fool you, this guy does know a lot about lifting and building strong muscles. After Body Beast , I have great respect for Sagi and he is true to his word in person as well.

Autumn …… Well from my point of view, she’s just plain HOT. Great eye candy for this Fun Guy here but more so she is a true motivator. Other than just looking good she has the heart of a warrior and her words work you as you push through your routine. I found that the Chisel portion of the workouts went faster than the Hammer. Maybe it was the way she was able to keep your mind off it a bit but still focused on the move.

Bottom line, if you follow the plan fully you will get results , fully. Don’t cheat yourself and you will not be disappointed. Join my challenge group to get even more support and you will find yourself Hammered into shape.

Thank you for reading.


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