141What dose our father do for us?

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s my dad was a hard working guy, and even now at 75 he still puts in time at work , not because he needs to but because he likes to.

My dad was the hard working kind that would spend long days at work and be gone on Saturdays to catch up for the week. What message did I get from this guy? Work hard , save your money , stay focused, help others, stay healthy, and have fun.

My dad was always telling me to save my money, did I listen to him then? Hell no, I knew better. We all know more than our parents when we are 15 years old right? But today , at 45, I know he was instilling in me the lessons I needed to be better now.

I get my hard work attitude from him as well, I actually like to work and do better than my peers. I have gained a competitive attitude from having an older brother who kick the shit out of me weekly. I don’t blame him much, I was a brat. But my dads hard work ethic and my brother beating me into submission did something inside me. I was either going to turn into a slug or make a difference with my life and work hard to get where I need to be.

I sucked at collage, I admit if I had to do it again, I would have done it a bit differently. However after quitting collage I learned quickly that I could not make much of an income starting out.  It was my father who suggested I get a trade, and work with my hands to create my living. I found a niche I was good at an have done very well for myself. It was my hard work and dedication to my art that got me to where I am today in optical manufacturing. I work for a great company that makes optical components that go into space programs and consumer goods.

My dad is the guy who would always give his sweat and know how to anyone who needed it. We have a cottage up by the 1000 islands area and I spent many summers up there. My dad build our cottage with his own hands and the folks up there would help out as well. It was like an Amish barn raising. But even before that my father would  be up early helping someone put their dock in, or going out of his way to help someone down the water line with some task or project.

Kids these days are in a real pitch, fathers are no longer a solid pillar of the family. My son is the weird kid, because his dad is really his dad, and lives at home with his mom. Almost all of his friends are with a step-” Something”.What kind of message does that send our children. If you have a problem quit? Kids are picking the wrong role models because of this, and our country is just beginning to see the degradation of the family unit because so few of us fathers aren’t willing to be fathers.

Sure, your 16 YO son doesn’t want anything to do with you now, because he’s smarter then you. But when he realizes what you dide for him by being a good dad, the payoff wile be so worth it.

Thanks dad, for all your teachings, I just wish I picked up on it sooner.

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