Me getting tied up by my instructor.

Me getting tied up by my instructor.

Who knows what tomorrow really brings? You can plan your life and not live one day. Why not have fun while your still young?

Well the answer is you can have fun and if you stay focused it can be for a long time. I thought for sure I was going to be overweight and bald by the time I was 45. I was half right. (the bald part).

But I’m actually in good shape for a  45 year old asthmatic. Before I started my fitness journey my ideal day was spent writing some music and watching science fiction films, eating an entire pizza and drinking some good beer. That was about 15 years ago and looking back I was in terrible shape for 30. I never thought about my future and what my lifestyle was leading me to.

Now my ideal day is working out and practicing KUK SOOL WON, the style of martial art I practice. I wish I could just do that all day but I still need an income. Anyway, the point here is to say that if your having fun in life now and your young, 25-30, what is in your future and have you given any thought to how your going to keep your youth. You need to invest just as much in your fitness as you do in your 401K. The dividends will pay of huge!

You’re worth it!

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