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I got an Air fryer from my wife for Christmas last year and have found some good uses for it and maybe some over hyped up ones too. The Air fryers themselves are all about the same and use a convection type heating style of cooking. Forcing hot air through a basket where your food is .

I remember the old air poppers from way back, it made pop corn , but it was dry and flavorless. Well My conception of the air fryer was the same at first.

What I made that I liked :

Chicken wings– Chicken wings do work well in this machine, but don’t expect it to taste like the bar down the street or a deep fryer. They are a much healthier version and with practice can taste good. My recommendations are:

  • Make sure they are thawed well before you Air fry them
  • Use a dry rub only
  • sauce them up after they cook
    • I have tried putting sauce on and then re-frying them, it just made it messy.
  • Smoke the wings for about 1 hour before air frying (my favorite way)
  • Shake the basket every 10-15 min during the frying process.
  • Be sure they are cooked thoroughly
  • For crispy wings , cook longer ,
    • Crispy and dryer are where this machine will not preform as well

Note: if you want them to be crispy , they will be dry, so far I have not been able to get crispy and juicy at the same time. If you have any tips , let me know please.

Not sure if these devices will be more of a fad then an actual appliance , but they are nice to have, not “have to have” item.  My son uses it mainly for veggie burgers and frozen foods. And for that is works great .

Easy to clean but not easy to store, they range in size from about the size of a small toaster oven to a crock pot. So if storage is short on hand you might have to leave it on the counter.

The big question is, are they worth the money?

It depends, if your looking to cut fat out of frying , and don’t want to heat up your oven and your whole kitchen , then I would recommend it. However if you like simple , your oven will do the same thing, it just takes longer.

The “Crispiness” you get from this is NOT the same as the deep fried version. but then again , I don’t really like deep fried stuff.

Please share any recipes you might like , I am looking for great ways to further utilize this ting.


Take care.


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