Yes I did eat my way across the US in our 2 week trip to Florida and back, and even though I did manage to get a workout in 4 days a week , it really didn’t matter much.

When I got home on Saturday I weighed myself at 225 lbs up 12 lbs from before I left on our adventure. At least I had the foresight to order a 3 Day refresh the week before . It was in the pile of mail left for us by the house sitter. My wife Jill was also in the mindset for a change too so she started on the Fixate meal plan this week too.

So I like to not be hungry, and as an active guy , I have to eat. The 3 Day refresh is about the limit for me, I feel just a bit hungry but not so much as I want to gouge my stomach out.  I did lose 8 lbs in 3 days though WIN!

For the week as a whole, I worked out every morning , with Yoga, Martial arts, or Core de-force. In the evenings I taught 3 days this week as well as got a class in on Thursday morning , as a late lunch. I am down to 216 on Saturday and feeling about back to normal.

But I am so proud of Jill, she is down 7 this week, just from changing her eating. Se is only 4ft 11in and has difficulty doing exercise, so for her its all in what she eats.

Using the Fixate plan she is doing an awesome job with portion control. And that’s where I find myself leaning to as well.

Sunday is meal prep day so its time to get ready for next week.

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