My second 3rd test

My second 3rd test

Getting my kicks

Hey all, its been some time since my last post , I know I sound like a broken record…. but my evenings are starting to open up a bit so I have time I take it. I am in my final year of my Kuk Sool Won  3rd degree black belt testing cycle , I have 1 more year to get it right and be ready to hit it with everything I have.

This years test was not easy , I pulled my dam calf muscle 2 days before the test and limped through it the best I could. When I told my instructor all he said we “good luck sir” and I went on. I could not do any jumps or low stances I felt week and just helpless. Then I looked around and took in all the other 11 people testing that evening. Almost every one of them was over 40 and had tape on this leg or their ankles wrapped or elbows and hands. What a sorry bunch we made. Most of us were in rough shape before the test and all of us were wiped out after it.

How do you prepare for this test? I do it simply by practice, I practice several times a week but mix in weight training and cardio on top of the 100s of kicks and forms I perform.  I use P90X and Insanity for this but also mix in CorDeForce and T25. I do my cardio in the am , right when I get up and in the evening I would practice. It was getting easier until i pulled my right calf muscle , it all hit the fan when I was showing the tigers class how to sprint around a marker. I was just getting started when I felt the snap in my leg like someone hit it with a bat.  I managed to hobble through the rest of the class but went and got ice right after.

So i’m pretty sure I passed, well , they didn’t say I failed, so now the next year is up to me on how safe I play it. I’m pretty sure my leg got cramped from lack of hydration. I was not paying enough attention to what or how I was staying hydrated. Its so important to keep up with our water intake especially when training hard.

Getting tied up from my classmate Joe

Who knows what next year will bring , but I hope its not my calf, maybe my pinky toe?

How do I like my Air Fryer?

How do I like my Air Fryer?


Image result for Air fryers

I got an Air fryer from my wife for Christmas last year and have found some good uses for it and maybe some over hyped up ones too. The Air fryers themselves are all about the same and use a convection type heating style of cooking. Forcing hot air through a basket where your food is .

I remember the old air poppers from way back, it made pop corn , but it was dry and flavorless. Well My conception of the air fryer was the same at first.

What I made that I liked :

Chicken wings– Chicken wings do work well in this machine, but don’t expect it to taste like the bar down the street or a deep fryer. They are a much healthier version and with practice can taste good. My recommendations are:

  • Make sure they are thawed well before you Air fry them
  • Use a dry rub only
  • sauce them up after they cook
    • I have tried putting sauce on and then re-frying them, it just made it messy.
  • Smoke the wings for about 1 hour before air frying (my favorite way)
  • Shake the basket every 10-15 min during the frying process.
  • Be sure they are cooked thoroughly
  • For crispy wings , cook longer ,
    • Crispy and dryer are where this machine will not preform as well

Note: if you want them to be crispy , they will be dry, so far I have not been able to get crispy and juicy at the same time. If you have any tips , let me know please.

Not sure if these devices will be more of a fad then an actual appliance , but they are nice to have, not “have to have” item.  My son uses it mainly for veggie burgers and frozen foods. And for that is works great .

Easy to clean but not easy to store, they range in size from about the size of a small toaster oven to a crock pot. So if storage is short on hand you might have to leave it on the counter.

The big question is, are they worth the money?

It depends, if your looking to cut fat out of frying , and don’t want to heat up your oven and your whole kitchen , then I would recommend it. However if you like simple , your oven will do the same thing, it just takes longer.

The “Crispiness” you get from this is NOT the same as the deep fried version. but then again , I don’t really like deep fried stuff.

Please share any recipes you might like , I am looking for great ways to further utilize this ting.


Take care.


Meal prep Sunday

Meal prep Sunday

Sunday , Sunday Sunday!!

Sunday is the best day to prep for your week. Jill and I prep for our lunches and snacks for our workweek. Since Jill and I are on different portion sizes I get 2 different types of containers to take out the guesswork.

This is what we start with.

1 Tub of fresh salad greens, dark leafy are the best for you

1 cucumber

4 peppers

1 bunch of celery

6-8 chicken breasts

8-10 containers

Apples, oranges, bananas, berries

Chop up the peppers, celery and cucumbers plus whatever other veggies you want and place them in a mixing bowl.

Next I portion out the serving sizes per the Fixate plan. I get 4 veggies and 2 proteins for lunch , Jill gets 3 veggies and 2 proteins for lunch. I place i cup of chopped veggies as well as 2-3 cups of the dark green leafy’s .

Next is the chicken, although I prefer it grilled , Jill likes hers baked, so I lose out and bake it all, (Hey . I’m lazy)

I measure out the 2 red container sizes for us and place them in the containers , I them seal ’em up and put ’em in the fridge. Easy-peazy.

Jill and I have some favorite dressings too, ours is the creamy garlic from the Ultimate reset and the other is the Asian sesame.

If you want those recipes e-mail me I will send them to you.

Lunch is ready for the week for both of us.







I GAINED 12 lbs on Vacation!

I GAINED 12 lbs on Vacation!

Yes I did eat my way across the US in our 2 week trip to Florida and back, and even though I did manage to get a workout in 4 days a week , it really didn’t matter much.

When I got home on Saturday I weighed myself at 225 lbs up 12 lbs from before I left on our adventure. At least I had the foresight to order a 3 Day refresh the week before . It was in the pile of mail left for us by the house sitter. My wife Jill was also in the mindset for a change too so she started on the Fixate meal plan this week too.

So I like to not be hungry, and as an active guy , I have to eat. The 3 Day refresh is about the limit for me, I feel just a bit hungry but not so much as I want to gouge my stomach out.  I did lose 8 lbs in 3 days though WIN!

For the week as a whole, I worked out every morning , with Yoga, Martial arts, or Core de-force. In the evenings I taught 3 days this week as well as got a class in on Thursday morning , as a late lunch. I am down to 216 on Saturday and feeling about back to normal.

But I am so proud of Jill, she is down 7 this week, just from changing her eating. Se is only 4ft 11in and has difficulty doing exercise, so for her its all in what she eats.

Using the Fixate plan she is doing an awesome job with portion control. And that’s where I find myself leaning to as well.

Sunday is meal prep day so its time to get ready for next week.

New Year, New Challenges

When I started this whole coaching thing I thought it would be easy to stay in business for ever…… HA , yet I see new people sign up every day with hopes and dreams of becoming great coaches and making huge money.

You can , but not by quitting.

I have seen so many lose to their fears and give up for reasons that range from , ” I just don’t have the time” to ” my wife thinks this is a scam”

Why are they so eager to sign up and then become doubtful in a short time frame?

Well from my perspective its simple, when they sign up as a coach they are signing up to a challenge of making someone’s life better, it could be their own or a friend , or even a stranger. But the initial reason they sign up is there is a hope inside them that needs to come out and show that they can do something for themselves.

The reason we quit anything is our ego. We have grown up with perception as reality. What others see us as hurts the ego when we are doing “out of the norm” actions. People that let others control them are truly not free. To be free, you must not let others drive your aspirations. YOU are the driver in your life, and you choose the road to travel. Take responsibility for your life and take it where you want to go.  Don’t say “But…..” Its your first line of defense for your ego. Step outside of yourself and look in, are you being controlled?

And being a Beachbody coach is not for every one , even though anyone can be a coach. You have to find what it is about you that will make you happy and what will drive you to your success.

So this is a new year, a new time in history for you to make of it what you will, and don’t let others tell you what that is, for the ones who say “don’t do that” may not have your best interest at heart, but its THIER fear that is holding you back.

I am a great Beachbody coach, how do I know? I have great success with those who join my team and those who join my challenge group. It may not be 100s of people it may just be 5-6 , but really the most important things in life are friendship and support. That’s what I bank on.

Have an awesome new year.


Meet Gina

Meet Gina

14225526_10209111075007040_1089260064363227970_nI want to say , that being a coach I get to meet the greatest people . Gina is actually a high school friend of mine and she has been doing so good for the last 3 months. Last month she won the prize for the challenge group.

I had the honor of dropping off the prize to her in person. She decided it was time to stay accountable and keep up with her workouts and keep going . Not only does she work out at home , but she runs 5ks too!  She is blessed to have a wonderful life as a mother and grandmother. And her daily fitness routine has given her the ability to keep up with all that her busy life has her doing.

Gina is always smiling even after sweating it out with the 21 day fix or running. She inspires me as well as our other challengers and that’s what makes a great challenge group!

If you see Gina, give her a big hug!


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