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Here we go again with Max30 , I have to emit I like the cardio workouts much better than the weight lifting ones. Why? Well I feel like I have better stamina for everything else. The weightlifting is good for mass building and I understand we need a good dose of that, but I get too bulky.

I have a endomorphic body type and my body stores fat around the belly and like most guys my age we just don’t need that. The calorie consumption for weight lifting is higher than cardio training and if I am just a little lax it goes right to my gut. I have to admit , like to have fun , and with fun comes my love for food. I love to eat. Who doesn’t?

Anyway so the next 60 days I will be getting Max 30 in before work and hope to slim the mid section down a bit more. I only lost an inch from doing H&C but I gained a great deal of leg strength. The results from H&C have given my stances so much more strength and I can hold them for ever. Since the style of Martial arts I teach involves low stances it worked very well. But I did manage to gain about 5 lbs from Hammer and Chisel in muscle and about 3 in fat. Again sabotaged by my love for food….. and beer.

Doing max 30 6 months ago got me lean and mean so I am going back to that for a spell.

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