14225526_10209111075007040_1089260064363227970_nI want to say , that being a coach I get to meet the greatest people . Gina is actually a high school friend of mine and she has been doing so good for the last 3 months. Last month she won the prize for the challenge group.

I had the honor of dropping off the prize to her in person. She decided it was time to stay accountable and keep up with her workouts and keep going . Not only does she work out at home , but she runs 5ks too!  She is blessed to have a wonderful life as a mother and grandmother. And her daily fitness routine has given her the ability to keep up with all that her busy life has her doing.

Gina is always smiling even after sweating it out with the 21 day fix or running. She inspires me as well as our other challengers and that’s what makes a great challenge group!

If you see Gina, give her a big hug!


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