So excited that my new weight rack came in this week. It was a pain in the back to lift up the 40s off the floor. Anyway hitting the second month of Hammer and Chisel this week, and it does et easier.

The squats and the lunges never get that much easier but I have found that I can either increase the weight or my reps. Keeping track of the weight and the reps on my wipe board so I can see the last time I did 20 reps or 30 lbs. I have been able to see dramatic results in these areas of my progress.

As far as working out every day I do not take rest days. I have found that on “Rest” days I replace it with yoga. In my experience doing Yoga on my rest days has given me relief from the tight soreness that my legs see  that I used to have. Especially with this program which is very leg intensive.

Overall the workouts are great, however they do not give sufficient time to stretch. Be sure to stretch a bit longer before heading to the shower. You will not regret the extra 3-4 min .


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