So a long time ago I was in several bands , mostly me and some friends would get together and just jam , but other times I would stay up late in my studio and just write anything that came to mind.

I miss those days of just writing music , but I did record a ton of stuff. Included here are just a small sampling of some of the works I did.

Don’t be to harsh on my voice, I was not a singer but I sang anyway.


01 Twisted Ways

02 To the Left

03 Detailed Files

04 Focus

05 Children playing

06 Confessions

07 The Phantom

08 You will Follow

09 The Black Hole

10 Funky Groove

11 Setting sun

12 The Burning

13 Count down Rave

14 Techno Transit

15 Relaxing Time

16 Let it go

Most of these musical doodads where recorded from 1994 to 1998. They range from Techno to new age , I was inspired from so many different types and forms of music. I still love to play but I have since sold most of my studio gear. Some day , like the wood shop, I hope to get back into writing music.

But until then feel free to enjoy some of my creations.





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