Getting my kicks

Hey all, its been some time since my last post , I know I sound like a broken record…. but my evenings are starting to open up a bit so I have time I take it. I am in my final year of my Kuk Sool Won  3rd degree black belt testing cycle , I have 1 more year to get it right and be ready to hit it with everything I have.

This years test was not easy , I pulled my dam calf muscle 2 days before the test and limped through it the best I could. When I told my instructor all he said we “good luck sir” and I went on. I could not do any jumps or low stances I felt week and just helpless. Then I looked around and took in all the other 11 people testing that evening. Almost every one of them was over 40 and had tape on this leg or their ankles wrapped or elbows and hands. What a sorry bunch we made. Most of us were in rough shape before the test and all of us were wiped out after it.

How do you prepare for this test? I do it simply by practice, I practice several times a week but mix in weight training and cardio on top of the 100s of kicks and forms I perform.  I use P90X and Insanity for this but also mix in CorDeForce and T25. I do my cardio in the am , right when I get up and in the evening I would practice. It was getting easier until i pulled my right calf muscle , it all hit the fan when I was showing the tigers class how to sprint around a marker. I was just getting started when I felt the snap in my leg like someone hit it with a bat.  I managed to hobble through the rest of the class but went and got ice right after.

So i’m pretty sure I passed, well , they didn’t say I failed, so now the next year is up to me on how safe I play it. I’m pretty sure my leg got cramped from lack of hydration. I was not paying enough attention to what or how I was staying hydrated. Its so important to keep up with our water intake especially when training hard.

Getting tied up from my classmate Joe

Who knows what next year will bring , but I hope its not my calf, maybe my pinky toe?

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