cucumber-peel-raw-175842When I get home at night especially after class I get so hungry. On bad days I would make myself a sandwich….. ok 3 sandwiches. And then eat them in 4 min and feel guilty the rest of the night.  SO what can I eat when the hunger comes  creeping in?

Well there are some great foods I like to much on, and even some have negative calories, yep , but negative calories is really code for no nutritional value as well.

Celery : 6 calories per stalk it does contain potassium about 104 mg

Sugar Snap Peas: ~35 per cup Some protein too as well as potassium.

Baby Carrots: 30 cal/ cup

Cucumber: 8 calories/ 1/2 cup with peel.


These are just some of the crunchy veggies that will satisfy your urge to snack on something after dinner without ruining your progress. Let me know if you have any suggestions you want to share.




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