Before at 245 lbs

After! at 210 lbs

So where do you start?

Well it all depends on what you really want to get. If you read my story on what I did you’ll see I started with probably Me and Shaun T 2014the hardest workout you could imagine, Insanity.

If you haven’t worked out in years or just moderately go for a walk you might want to start with something a bit more slow paced. Not sure that I mentioned that Insanity just about killed me the first 2 weeks. As a matter of fact my son Nicholas sat in the couch with the phone just in case I went into cardiac arrest. No Joke, we laugh about it now but at the time he was truly scared.

As I may have also mentioned I quit the first time. I gave up and was defeated by it. But after the I was able to hit the second attempt and finish it, I was hooked. I became a raging fan.

So back to you, I understand that there are many paths to start on, and finding the right program to get results is not always easy. Well I want to tell you I can help you with all that. You can trust your coach, ME, to help you get the program that will get you in shape and on the path to a better life, so you can have fun with it.

My best suggestion is to contact me today or fill out the Boot Camp form, and be as honest as you can. Hey I don’t judge, I just help. Then we can chat on the phone and you can get to know me a bit and make sure we are the right fit. Then we can work together to get you into the best program that will fit your needs.

Once you’re in the program , I will keep you motivated and keep in touch making sure your hitting the play button every day. Also , like your own personal assistant, I will be on-call, to help you with any issues you have.

I was a customer before I was a coach, and I know how important supporting your clients can be. Without my coach, I would have given up and possibly never tried again.


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