Day 2 3 and 5 Of the Hammer and Chisel.

Day 2 3 and 5 Of the Hammer and Chisel.

Day 2 Hammer Plyometrix!jumping

Time: 30 Min

Trainer : Sagi

  • Bench
  • Resistance Bands
  • Chin up Bar

Difficulty:  5 (1-10)

This workout was one that I will remember for a long time; the Plyo-marry-Kathrine’s were the toughest moves for me. I have a bad knee and any time I’m hitting one legged squats or jumps I need to take care not to injure myself.

I highly recommend using the performance Energy for this work out and say hydrated. Sagi takes you through 2 sets of workouts and the time flies. You will be done before you know it.

Day 3 Iso Strength ChiselIso strength

Time:35 min

Trainer: Autumn


  • Bench
  • Bands
  • Weights 5-20 lbs
  • Mat

Difficult:  6 (1-10)

The premise of this workout is to isolate and hold the muscle under tension. I found this to me tougher than I expected. You will work your glute like never before here. But you will love the results. I have to admit I did some extra stretching after this workout.

Toughest move was the Bulgarian squats, these things wreck my right knee if I try to go all out. So I had to modify where I could.

Man I got a great sweat from this one, and can’t wait to see if I can up my weights for the next time around.

Have fun with it.

Day 5 Iso Speed Hammerpistol squats

Time: 25 min

Trainer: Sagi


  • Bands
  • Bench
  • Weights 5-25
  • Mat

Difficulty 3 (1-10)

What happened to day 4?  It was a rest day so I did P90X2 yoga.

This was so far the easiest of the workouts in this series. This reminded me more of a Beast total body workout rather than a 21 day fix hybrid. Sagi will take you through some great moves 10 slow and then 10 fast. He will help you set the pace for the slow ones and its nice to have him count for you.

As for the most difficult move I would have to say it would be the pistol squats. This is still my knee yelling at me. It will do that when I do pistol squats.

Remember to keep proper form and go as low as you can or up the weights to get more burn. Keep it fun and stay focused on the goal.


Body Beast round 1 done!

Body Beast round 1 done!

12208326_10206904082753613_380905018204687223_nIs it cruel of me to play Christmas music on November 14th?

Well I am just trying to annoy my family this morning but it is having the opposite effect..

Annnnnny way . I just finished my first 3 month stint of Body Beast, and it was great!!

What did I like about it?

First of all the routine is easy to follow and Sagi explains things so even I could understand them.

Second I gained huge mass, for me that’s always been trouble. Because of my Endomorph body I gain fat by looking at food. If you have this body type then don’t worry you will like these results.


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