Meal prep Sunday

Meal prep Sunday

Sunday , Sunday Sunday!!

Sunday is the best day to prep for your week. Jill and I prep for our lunches and snacks for our workweek. Since Jill and I are on different portion sizes I get 2 different types of containers to take out the guesswork.

This is what we start with.

1 Tub of fresh salad greens, dark leafy are the best for you

1 cucumber

4 peppers

1 bunch of celery

6-8 chicken breasts

8-10 containers

Apples, oranges, bananas, berries

Chop up the peppers, celery and cucumbers plus whatever other veggies you want and place them in a mixing bowl.

Next I portion out the serving sizes per the Fixate plan. I get 4 veggies and 2 proteins for lunch , Jill gets 3 veggies and 2 proteins for lunch. I place i cup of chopped veggies as well as 2-3 cups of the dark green leafy’s .

Next is the chicken, although I prefer it grilled , Jill likes hers baked, so I lose out and bake it all, (Hey . I’m lazy)

I measure out the 2 red container sizes for us and place them in the containers , I them seal ’em up and put ’em in the fridge. Easy-peazy.

Jill and I have some favorite dressings too, ours is the creamy garlic from the Ultimate reset and the other is the Asian sesame.

If you want those recipes e-mail me I will send them to you.

Lunch is ready for the week for both of us.







Having fun at 45 and beyond…

Having fun at 45 and beyond…

Me getting tied up by my instructor.

Me getting tied up by my instructor.

Who knows what tomorrow really brings? You can plan your life and not live one day. Why not have fun while your still young?

Well the answer is you can have fun and if you stay focused it can be for a long time. I thought for sure I was going to be overweight and bald by the time I was 45. I was half right. (the bald part).

But I’m actually in good shape for a  45 year old asthmatic. Before I started my fitness journey my ideal day was spent writing some music and watching science fiction films, eating an entire pizza and drinking some good beer. That was about 15 years ago and looking back I was in terrible shape for 30. I never thought about my future and what my lifestyle was leading me to.


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