dahnbongWhen you first start anything you think to yourself , “I’ll just give it a try and see how I do”. But in most cases we say “Ok I’m done, I came , I saw, I got sore” Or something to that nature.

Well when my son and I started Martial arts training 11 years ago , I was thinking the same thing. My son was 5 and doing the tiny tigers class at the local martial arts place down the street. Bill, the instructor would heckle me and say “C’mon sir, you can do this” and then lead the class in cartwheels. CARTWHEELS!!! I cant do that!


Well long story short, I accepted his challenge and have been an instructor for almost 5 years now. I love teaching and love seeing my students achieve things they thought they couldn’t do. But I’m always looking to improve my abilities as well.

I’n the past 4 months after finishing Max30 and starting P90X3 again , I noticed my stances have dramatically changed. The yoga has helped my spin kicks and balance to a point I thought I would never see. At 45 I’m doing things I couldn’t do when I was 35. Not only had my mind changed but also my body.

P90X3 has got some great moves to help gain balance and work your core to get so much more out of you fun activities. After all if you’re not having fun in life then you have got to change your life, and to change your life you have got to change your thinking.


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